Spanish Blackjack Odds, Tips and Strategy

For people bored with regular online blackjack who are looking for a unique and challenging twist, Spanish blackjack may offer a welcome alternative. With a unique set of rules and even a unique deck makeup, online Spanish blackjack comes with strategies and tips that are sure to make players enjoy this spin on an old classic.

Unique Rules

In Spanish blackjack the tens are removed from the deck of cards, leaving just 48 cards to play with. While this alone would give a significant edge the house, other rules are instituted to even the odds. First, in online Spanish blackjack such as is offered at Microgaming online casino, late surrender is allowed as is doubling after a split. Also, a dealer hits on a soft 17, increasing the odds that the dealer will go bust.


Because of these unique rules, some of the strategies for Spanish blackjack are different from regular blackjack. Because of the lowered number of ten-value cards and because the dealer hits with a soft 17, a player should stand when he or she has a value of 17. If the player has a soft total between 12 and 14, the player should likely hit, as the chances of going bust are significantly lower.

The new rules can take some getting used to, but with practice, and by following these tips for online Spanish blackjack, a player will play well with this different style of blackjack.