Blackjack Etiquette - Blackjack Etiquette Explained, Do's and Don't Blackjack

Observing proper blackjack etiquette is important to making the game an enjoyable one for everyone involved. Whether the game is in a brick and mortar casino or taking place at an online casino, players should always observe certain rules in order not only to appear more experienced with the game, but also to avoid disturbing other players or the dealer.

Playing Etiquette

There are a few rules that every player should abide by to observe proper blackjack game etiquette. First, never interrupt a game to buy chips; always buy them between hands, and know how many and how you want them. Second, avoid touching the cards if they are dealt face-up; if they are dealt face down, touch them with only one hand. It's also polite and customary to tip the dealer from time to time when winning. There are customary hand signals that aid in quick and easy play. To hit, tap the table; to stay or stand, wave a hand over the cards.

Betting Etiquette

Betting etiquette also carries some rules of engagement. First, there are the chips themselves. Each color designates a different denomination: silver for $1, red for $5, greens for $25, and blacks for $100. These chips are placed on the table next to the cards that have been dealt. The player may not touch chips after they have been wagered. Any additional bets should then be placed next to the original bet instead of on top.

With the proper behavior, blackjack can be a fun and very social game. These simple rules of blackjack etiquette will ensure that you and everyone playing will enjoy the experience.