Blackjack Strategy : Dahl's Progression Blackjack Strategy

Many gamblers worldwide use some type of system when wagering on a particular game. Dahl's progression is most common at blackjack tables, but the basic principles can be applied in nearly all online casino games.

History of Dahl's Progression

This positive progression system was developed by author Donald Dahl and is described in detail in his book, Progression Blackjack. The term 'positive progression' means that players will only increase their bet after a win, and they will return to their original wager amount following a loss. Some players have tons of success using Dahl's progression, but others state that returning to the beginning of the sequence after a loss causes them to lose money due to low wagers.

How Dahl's Progression Works

Using blackjack as an example, let's assume that a player is going to play 10 hands. His original bet is $10.00, and he loses the first two hands. At this point, the player is out by $20.00. Then, the player wins the third hand. According to Dahl's progression, the player increases his wager for the fourth hand by one unit, or $10.00, making the wager for the fourth hand $20.00. If the player wins the fourth hand, he would bet $30.00 on the fifth. If he were to lose the fourth hand, he would revert back to his original wager of $10.00 for the fifth. The potential for winning big increases with each incremental increase in the wager, but the huge payoffs require a winning streak.

Increasing the Odds

Although Dahl's progression does not guarantee success, there are several tips that the author recommends following in order to make the most from the progression. First, players should divide their bankroll into units in order to determine how many hands they can play safely, and stick to this. Second, Dahl admits that the big winnings only come to those who have a winning streak. While this is not likely, a player's chances of winning big can be increased by changing tables after four or five consecutive losses.

Whether or not players choose to employ Dahl's progression into their blackjack game does not take away from the fact that Lady Luck must be on the player's side in order to win at all. Win or lose, blackjack is one of this country's most beloved games and will continue to steal the hearts of players all over the world.