Fibonacci Blackjack : Fibonacci Blackjack Betting System

Although traditionally employed in a game of blackjack, the Fibonacci system is a great option for nearly any online casino game that requires a wager. Based upon the traditional Fibonacci sequence of numbers where the last two numbers of the sequence are added in order to determine the next, this method certainly has the potential to earn a player some serious winnings.

History of the Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers was developed in the 12th century by Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisan. This sequence was primarily based upon Pisan's observations of mathematical patterns in nature. It has a number of uses in the mathematical world and since its discovery has been one of the most well-known number sequences of all time, and it can be found everywhere we look in nature.

How It Works

Before a player can understand how to use the Fibonacci sequence in play, it is important to see how the numbers work. The sequence is as follows:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on.

The last two numbers in the sequence are added together to produce the next number to infinity. Calculating the next number in the series is relatively simple, but when it is being utilized in blackjack games, the wagers will rarely need any numbers past 21. The base unit bet is one, and the player works up to 21--or whatever amount is set by the player's budget--as part of a series.

The Sequence and Blackjack

For this example, let's say this base unit is $1.00. Each game lost calls for an increase in the number of units wagered. For instance, with the series of numbers above, a series of five losses in a row would result in a base wager of 8 units, or $8.00. If the sixth hand wins, the player would take a profit of $8.00, but it would have taken the player 12 units to win the round. That being said, at this point, the player is still down by four units. The next bet would then be three units, and if this hand wins the player is back to being only one unit down--the same amount as at the start of the game.

More experienced blackjack players tend to follow the Fibonacci method for their wagers. It is simple, yet it provides an ample opportunity for bankroll growth.