Blackjack Surrender : How To Use the Blackjack Surrender Strategy

The term surrender in blackjack does not mean a player simply gives up and runs out the door. It means that the player has decided to cut their losses and play another hand. This rule is advantageous to the player when used correctly.

What is Surrender in Blackjack?

A blackjack surrender is just another way of folding the cards. In a surrender, however, the player does not always lose everything they wager. There are early and late surrenders, though early surrenders are not as widely accepted as late surrenders. As an example, if the player were holding a 16 while the dealer had either a 10 or a face card turned up, the player may choose to surrender and cut his or her losses as opposed to being beaten by the dealer and taken for everything. In some situations, this is the best route. Most online casinos use the late surrender feature, but in-house casinos vary as to what rules for surrender they will and will not accept.

When to Use Surrender in Blackjack

It is important for the player to remember not to surrender every single hand that could possibly be beaten by the dealer. Online Blackjack is a game of strategy as well as chance, so there is always the chance that your 16 will beat the dealer's 15--or that the dealer could bust. In essence, a player should only use surrender when his cards intersect the dealer's cards in certain ways. For instance, a player holding a 17 would not necessarily want to surrender to a dealer's 10-value up card, but if the player was holding a 15 he would. It all depends on the way the cards are dealt and the probability that the dealer will have a better hand than the player.

Surrender is a great blackjack strategy when employed correctly. It should not be used on every hand, every other hand, or even every day--but in the correct situation, it can save a player from losing a lot of money.