Tipping Blackjack Dealers : How to Tip Blackjack Dealers

There are many strategies that can be applied to blackjack; one of the most popular is tipping the dealer. Some people see tipping the dealer as a way of cheating, but this isn't true. The cards are dealt randomly, and the dealer could lose their job and have to pay huge fines if they do anything underhanded in order to try and tip the odds in your favor.

How to Tip Your Dealer

First, make sure that tipping the dealer is allowed at the casino you are playing at; not all casinos allow it. The best time to tip a dealer is when you're on a winning streak, but there are a few different ways to carry this out. A simple method is to tip hourly. Another method is placing a bet on their behalf. With this method, you put another pile of chips near your own; that pile is then given to the dealer as a tip. If you win that hand, you double the dealer's pile. One last method is to tell the dealer that if you win, they'll get the tip. The dealer's tip in chips is placed on top of their own, and the dealer can take those winnings directly or carry them over to the next hand.

Tipping the dealer may not improve your odds, but it will make your experience more enjoyable. This strategy is not viable for online casino gambling; most systems don't even use a live dealer, and if they do, payment systems do not allow for tips to be processed.