Revese Advanced Point Count Blackjack : Revere Advanced Point Count Betting System

Lawrence Revere's Advanced Point Count system is one of the more complicated blackjack counting strategies available. By assigning numerical values to the available cards and keeping track of their additive total, the Revere point count allows blackjack game players to identify betting situations with almost perfect accuracy.

History of the System

Pulling on his history as both a dealer and pit boss as well as his experiences as a player, Revere used advanced mathematical principles to help him develop strategies for winning at a very mathematical game. Testing his theories himself in Vegas and with the aid of computer programs, Revere managed to develop some of the most accurate and respected counting systems, including the Revere point count.

Card Values

Revere's advanced counting system requires that the player assign values to each card and add those values to one another, allowing them to recognize when a deck has been depleted as well as predict the likelihood of getting a desired card. The Revere point count system assigns a value of +2 to the 2 and 7 cards, +3 to the 3, 4, and 6, and +4 to the 5. The ten-value cards receive a -3, while the Ace and 9 both receive a -1.

With practice and some easy math, Revere's system allows individuals to accurately keep track of the cards in a deck without memorizing the order in which they appeared. Though some more modern systems have replaced this technique with easier math, the Revere point system remains a historically significant and still effective strategy to this day.