Pontoon Casino Blackjack : Tips of Pontoon Casino Blackjack

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is a software provider that offers a blackjack variant known as Pontoon. In Pontoon, both the pocket cards of a dealer are dealt facedown. This disadvantage makes the game a fun challenge, while exploring a Canadian online casino and taking a risk.

Pontoon Rules

In Pontoon, the dealer always hits on a soft 17 and always wins ties. The player has to hit on a 14 or less and can only split twice. At first glance, these rules may look like they give the player even more of a disadvantage, but there are some advantages as well. Pontoon (2-card 21, called blackjack in most variants) and a 5 card hand (regardless of value, unless it's busted) both pay 2 to 1. The player can double at any time and they are allowed to hit after doubling. This makes the house edge of Pontoon 0.38%, on par with regular blackjack.

Determining Optimum Strategy

Computer simulation is used to determine Pontoon optimum strategy. In regular blackjack online, the player's hand value is indexed against the face up card; in Pontoon, the hand value is indexed against the number of cards dealt to him or her (due to the 5 card hand payout). Pontoon tips and strategies are based on these simulations.

Basic Pontoon Strategy

A player should always stand on a hard total of 15, 16, or 17, any total of 18 or more and when 5 cards have been dealt. If the first two cards dealt are an ace paired with 8, 9, or 10, the player should also stand. If a player has four cards dealt, he or she should double on hard totals from 8 to 16 and soft totals of 14 to 21. With three cards dealt, hard totals of 9 to 11 and soft totals of 19 to 21 should be doubled. A 2-card hard total of 10 or 11 should be doubled as well. A player should only split on eights and aces.

In situations not listed above, a player should hit. RTG offers cards with Pontoon tips and strategies that new players should keep with them whenever they play Pontoon.