Uston Advanced Plus-Minus Blackjack : Blackjack Betting System

The Uston Advanced Plus-Minus is the upgraded version of the Uston Simple Plus-Minus, adding more complicated math, but also adding a significant level of effectiveness to the traditional counting system. By building on the simple basis of card counting, Uston's complicated strategy allows players to convert running counts to true counts and determine the most appropriate betting strategies for each given hand.

The Basics

As with all card counting strategies, the Uston Advanced Plus-Minus begins with assigning card values. In this system all cards between 3 and 7 receive a value of +1; ten-value cards and Aces a -1; and 2s, 8s, and 9s remain neutral. This system is different from most one-level blackjack systems because it lays value claims that 2s are equally valuable to the house and the player, and 7s are most favorable to a player when they are removed from the deck.

The Complications

While one-level systems are usually the easiest to learn, the Uston Advanced Plus-Minus is more complicated because the players must then use half-decks to convert the running count over a true count. This means, that when there are multiple decks in play, relying on the value balance a player has calculated may be insufficient for effective betting strategies. Even after the conversions are made, the player must then remember over 155 different strategy variations in order to utilize the system effectively.

Uston's Advanced Plus-Minus blackjack system has a fairly weak playing efficiency but a fairly high betting efficiency. Its number one value would likely be that it is quite easy to learn the count and the betting situations, especially when compared to other multi-level counts available.