Blackjack Card Counting System : Best Card Counting Systems

One of the best ways a player can gain an edge in the game of blackjack is by utilizing a card counting system. There are debates about who has devised the best card counting system, and which one an individual player uses will depend on his or her individual preferences. However, all of these systems are based on a few similar principles.

Card Values

Those unfamiliar with card counting systems might think it's impossible to keep track of all 52 cards in the deck. They would be correct. That's why the best card counting systems use assigned card values instead. The player will assign a value to the cards instead and simply add or subtract that value to a total he or she keeps in mind. This value will let the player know when there is an abundance of low cards left in the deck and the house has an edge, or when there is an abundance of high value cards and the edge rests with the player.

Betting Strategies

By keeping track of the value of the deck, a card counter knows when he or she has the advantage and can adapt the bet to reflect that. The player can also decide whether it is beneficial to double down, split, insure, or surrender based on the cards that have already been played. In addition to individual card values, a card counting system will also recommend certain betting strategies based on the information available. Depending on how high the spent deck's value is a player may respond differently to and wager more or less on the same pair of cards at different times in the game.

Some card counting strategies are quite complex and require players to juggle a good deal of math. Others are much easier and are designed for flexibility. Which is the best card counting system is up to the individual player and his or her ability to implement the strategies at the table.